ApacheCon is hosting the first Apache FlexJS summit of 2017.
Join us in sunny Miami, Florida on May 18th 2017

Speakers have been notified and the schedule is available. Come join us!

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FlexJS is a new summit track that shows where FlexJS is today and lays out the future for the FlexJS project. It is aimed at existing Apache Flex and new Apache FlexJS developers, designers, and users. Hosted along side the ApacheCon event, participants have a wonderful opportunity to discover new projects and exchange ideas.

Miami is a wonderful travel destination with something for everyone. Consider extending your stay a day or two to enjoy the beach and sun.

The summit is being hosted at ApacheCon, so attendees will be registering to attend ApacheCon.
The earlier you register, the more you save, so get your tickets early.

  • Early Registration: through March 12, 2017
  • Standard Registration: March 13, 2017 - April 16, 2017
  • Late Registration: April 17, 2017 - Event Date
  • Committer Registration: Special pricing (at a significant discount) is available for active Apache Committers. Please contact the event organizers for details.
  • Speaker Registration: One free registration is included with each accepted talk.


The latest Apache FlexJS features


Hear from users and contributors

Get Involved

The Apache FlexJS summit is a great opportunity to hear what people have been working on in FlexJS and from people directly involved in the project.

The Call For Participation (CFP) has closed and the speakers have been announced.

So what are you waiting for? Register today and join us!

When you attend the FlexJS Summit you also get access to all of ApacheCon which includes 100 sessions, 75+ speakers, 4 subconferences (including this one), and Bar Camp Apache.


Yishay Weiss

Introduction to FlexJS

Josh Tynjala

Apache FlexJS Web Application Development with Visual Studio Code

Justin Mclean

Testing Apache FlexJS Applications

Christofer Dutz

Building FlexJS Applications with Maven

Gabe Harbs

Migrating from Flex to FlexJS

Piotr Zarzycki

1.0 Discussion Round


The schedule is as follows.

The below times are in the EST (GMT-5) timezone.
The current EST time is:

Thursday, May 18th
9:00 am
Yishay Weiss
In this session Yishay will give you an introduction into FlexJS and it's concepts to get you started in this exciting tech-stack.
10:00 am
Josh Tynjala
Learn to set up an environment for developing and debugging Apache FlexJS applications in Visual Studio Code.
Coffee Break
10:50 am
11:20 am
Justin Mclean
In this talk I go through how you can reuse you existing code and testing techniques to test Apache FlexJS applications.
12:20 am
Christofer Dutz
In this talk I will explain how to setup your first modules using our new Maven archetypes and go though the different aspects of building FlexJS applications with Maven.
1:10 pm
2:40 am
Gabe Harbs
Join us as we go through the process of converting existing applications to FlexJS and discover tried and true methods to migrate existing functionality.
3:40 am (double session)
Piotr Zarzycki
As the Flex team is approaching the 1.0 release we'd like to discuss what needs to be done in order to call it a 1.0.